Survivor Cagayan: A Journey to the Northeastern Beauty of the Philippines


This was so far my longest land travel. Estimated 10 hours from Kamuning, Quezon City to Tuguegarao City with the deluxe bus. The normal bus would take around 11-12 hours due to several stop-overs. We booked our tickets in Victory Liner a week ahead since GV Florida is not in operation.

Highlights of this trip are the following:
(not arranged accordingly)
-Challenge of strolling around the very hot city of Tuguegarao
-Pancit Batil Patung, a must try variety of pancit which is authentic in Cagayan
-Beautiful Callao Cave and its rock formations in Peñablanca
-Chicharabao, a cracker made from carabao’s skin
-Palaui Island, location of Blood vs. Water season of Survivor
-Mini trekking going up the cape while feeling the cold fresh wind
-Cape Engaño Lighthouse
-Relaxing view of the island from the cape
-Dos Hermanas (Twin Islands)
-Extra challenge looking for souvenir shops in Tuguegarao.
-A Visit to Basilica of Our Lady of Piat
-Visiting the relatives of Christian in Sto. Niño
-Boating in some part of Cagayan River
-Seeing the long stretch of drying palays on the road
-Boat tour
-Crocodile Island
-Anguib beach
-And of course, who would not enjoy photo shoots!? :mrgreen:

We stayed at Jotay Resort in Sta. Ana, Cagayan. Though the resort small, it is nice. You can play volleyball, swim on the beach or on the pool or just relax in one of their cottages.
While we’re in the restaurant, we were entertained with a cute St. Bernard strolling around.

Still we missed some must-see places here, meaning we still have an excuse to come back! 😁

During our travel back home, the bus experienced some mechanical failure so we got stuck on the road in Aritao, Nueva Vizcaya for 6 hours. How was that?
We left Tuguegarao at 4pm, Sunday therefore we didn’t make it to office the following day, Monday 😦
Luckily we were near the handicraft stores along the highway and the kind owner of one of the stores allowed us to recharge our cellphone batteries for free while eating goto with egg for breakfast.

For long land commute travel like this and for DIY travellers like us, patience is essential and you should be always ready for all types of inconvenience. Because believe me or not, everything will still be alright. As my favorite song in times like this goes like,
“Don’t you worry, don’t you worry child
See, heaven’s got a plan for you.” 👌



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