Don’t Sleep with a Lonely Heart

I woke up crying to this very bad dream I had this morning. It’s super bad that I still cried minutes after waking up 😭 and I decided not to tell anyone about it. As I sat outside the door, my Aunt was there and she asked me,

“Why do you look so sad?”

“I had a dream.” I replied with teary eyes.

“What is it?” she added.

And I looked away.

“You must tell it. Dreams like that must be told.” she insisted.

I pointed at my brother and said, “Him. He died in my dream.” My tears fell again and I wiped it with my hands.

“Don’t worry, it’s the opposite in real life.” she smilingly replied.

Somehow I felt lighter. Thanks to her.

My theory is, because I slept with: (1) Headache-although I took med before going to bed, (2) Sadness-because of the movie I just watched, and (3) Loneliness-I was literally alone at home. I even tweeted about those before I totally fell asleep.

Or maybe, because it’s still too early for me to sleep? Haha.. ✌
But seriously, I find it different from taking a rest after a very stressful day ‘coz sleeping will relax you and will bring you back to your energetic self when u wake up.
I don’t wanna have such a bad dream again ever!

So I guess this is a lesson learned for me. Don’t sleep with a lonely heart and mind and most importantly, don’t forget to pray. 🙏👆


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