2D1N Mt. Ulap Fridayhike + Baguio Side Trip

Finally!! πŸ˜‚
A climb with my bff Jefferson at Mt. Ulap. We almost not make it because the event we joined in FB got cancelled just a day before the set date. But since our VLs were already filed and we’re kind of adventurous that time, we decided to make a DIY itinerary instead. So we did a quick research and talked/chat with friends for help.

Anyway, here is the itinerary, estimated cost and some photos during the trip.

Day 0
2300-0500 Baguio City

Hotdogs in Sison, Pangasinan stop over

Day 1
0500-0600 Breakfast, etc.
0600-0700 Waiting mapuno ang jeep
0700-0730 Ampucao

0730-0800 Registration, orientation, preparation

0800 Start trek

The famous mark of Mt. Ulap

0900 First peak/Ambanao-Paway

1030 Second peak/Gungal

1130 Third peak/Mt. Ulap summit

The cows of Mt. Ulap, gives a New Zealand-ish feels πŸ˜€

1200 Camp Site 2
1200-1400 Rest, lunch, etc.

You’ll never starve with this sari-sari store near Camp Site 2

1400 Start descend

1530-1600 Wash, change clothes
1600-1700 Jeep waiting time to Baguio City
1700 side trip na sa Baguio! Haha..

Check in at hotel, malling in SM, dinner, nightlife or just rest.

Day 2 – Free and easy

After breakfast, we chose to go to Bencab Museum since it ranked no.1 in TripAdvisor as top place to visit in Baguio, althought it’s located in Tuba already which is 15mins away from city proper. Since it’s an art gallery/museum, it is very instagrammable and a must go for the millenials. πŸ˜‚ ✌

Go back to hotel for checkout and head to Ketchup Community, a food park-ish place, for lunch. We ate at Rancho which serves Pinoy dishes. And their best sellers are Sisig Bagnet and Pinakbet with Bagnet.πŸ‘

After lunch, you can stroll in the very nearby Wright Park and The Mansion.

Ride a jeepney headed to Mine’s View Park and alight in Good Shepherd Convent to buy pasalubong. Then ride a taxi going to Victory Liner Bus Terminal.

1540-2200 Cubao

End of itinerary. πŸ˜€

Estimated Damage:
Cubao to Baguio – 450
(445 lang actually kaso kasama ung 5 na insurance)
Taxi from Terminal to Market – 50
Jeepney from Market to Ampucao – 31
Registration fee – 100
Guide fee – 600
(this is good for ten pax)
Tungkod – 20
Certificate – 20
(optional din)
Jeep from Sta. Fe to Baguio – 50
(special na kasi, last trip na ata. Express and tawag nila)
1 Night Accommodation – 1300
(2pax w/ free breakfast)
Dinner @ SM Baguio – 250
Jeep to Asin Rd., Tuba (Bencab Museum) – 11
Entrance – 120
Jeep back to Baguio – 11
Taxi to Ketchup Community – 60
Lunch @ Rancho 2pax – 500
(Bagnet Sisig Meal, Baguio Longganisa Meal, Pinakbet w/ Bagnet for sharing, 2 drinks)
Good Shepherd pasalubong (optional)
Taxi to Bus terminal – 70
Bus to Cubao – 445

Thanks Jhonny Martin for recommending Edu Losnong as our guide. Ang galing nya, and ang dami namin magandang pics, maganda sya kumuha ng shots sa slr. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ“·



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